Optimizing the sales process

CREALIS® RWD - a configuration experience optimised for all devices

The trend towards using mobile devices for business has led to a rethinking of the design of websites and software. But desktop systems are still essential, in the back office among other places, to show and edit process information optimally in its full scope. The user interfaces of applications and their usability today must therefore be available on a variety of devices and adapt to the specific conditions. This requirement is usually met using Responsive Web Design (RWD).

With CREALIS® RWD extending the CREALIS® product configurator tool, the clear, user-friendly configuration of products with a variety of variants is now possible no matter what device the user chooses to use. Whether a desktop PC, a tablet or a smart phone, with CREALIS® RWD the interface and its content adapts perfectly to the current display.

Regardless of where and when you are in the world, and what tools you're using to access the network, with CREALIS® RWD the configuration of complex products is possible at any time.

Your benefits with CREALIS® RWD

  • User-optimised usability on all modern web browsers
  • CREALIS® RWD offers an interface optimised for the user that uses customer-specific layouts and the definition of breakpoints to provide extensive customisability. Even an entirely stand-along user interface can be created with CREALIS® RWD. The RWD advantages are still there.
  • Economic benefits, even for customer-specific extensions, by the use of an interchangeable part concept
  • Process optimisation by using the configuration tool in all corporate departments and increasing user reach
  • Flexibility and independence in the sales process by allowing the use of any devices
  • The functional and data scope is always up to date on all devices
  • Optimum performance on all devices thanks to RESS


  • Use of the latest web standards (HTML5, CSS3, media queries)
  • Consistent use of RWD and server-side components (RESS) for the optimum support of device-specific resources