Optimizing the sales process


More efficient sales - by quotation configuration

The quotation configurator enables rapid and error-free offer preparations of variable products.

If providers want to respond quickly and customer-oriented to requests, meaningful, technically correct, and safe calculated offers are necessary. A quotation configurator allows you to create complex and error-free offers for variable products. The underlying knowledge database collects the whole product know-how and provides it in a clear and structured way to the sales representatives. A sales pitch is perfectly supported by visualization, additional product information and business data. From the result of the product configuration, you can quickly generate a clear offer for an individually arranged, saleable product.

The use of a quotation configurator achieves significant time and cost savings within the company. The effort to adjust offers is omitted; the technical inspection is already carried out so that lead times are shortened. New employees learn the ropes of the product range quickly and use it directly in their daily sales work. The positive effect of the quotation configurator extends to the entire company and contributes to efficiency increase and therewith to a positive sales development.

A quotation configurator can be integrated into the system landscape of a company. The productivity of the configurator is increased by the connection to existing customer management and order processing systems (CRM, ERP). Depending on the requirements of our customers, ORISA provides configuration systems based on the standard product CREALIS®, but SAP-products as well. Of course we also respond to special requirements and generate individual configurator solutions.