CREALIS® – product configuration

Clearly offer product variance and enable customization

CREALIS® optimally brings together the customer's individual requirements and the company-wide product knowledge. The generic concepts used allow for a variety of content and technical application scenarios. The variety of products remains consistent and clear throughout the configuration. The combination of parts and packages into technically correct products is determined by rules, dependencies and properties. The consequences, contradictions and alternatives are presented in a comprehensible way. The configured product is visualized dynamically in 2D or 3D and the user-friendly interface provides intuitive navigation and interactive configuration.

Configuration for every demand
  • Parallel use of concepts from the target size, option, bill of material and modular configurators
  • Guided selling and expert configuration with a model
  • Conflict-free configuration with and without display of invalid values
  • Configuration with complete and understandable conflict resolution
  • Excellent performance even with complex dependencies
  • Consistent treatment of rules, properties and validity
  • Solution-oriented multistage capability with arbitrary instantiation
Configuration logic processing
  • If-then dependencies in tabular form
  • Constraint tables for validation and value derivation
  • Solution of placement tasks using interfaces
  • Calculation and design algorithms in procedures
  • Dependencies using freely definable properties (declarative)
  • Obligations, visibility, recommendations, defaults
Dialogue with the user
  • Intuitive configuration management in arbitrary evaluation orders as well as guided configuration paths
  • Customised, compact representation of related part and feature
  • Display of current configuration status
  • Capture additional customer requirements regardless of the current knowledge base
Product visualization
  • Dynamic representation of current configuration
  • High-resolution, high-performance product visualization in 2D and 3D
  • Any combination of overview views and single part presentations
  • Interactive navigation and selection within visualizationg

Technical features
Responsive web browser interface without plugins, optimized for all mobile devices
Runs on web browsers like IE, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari