Software Development

For ORISA software development means modularity and reusability. We place importance on a strictly modular and well structured setup in open architecture, both for our products and when implementing projects. This makes our solutions quickly expandable. Supported by comprehensive product documentation the maintenance and care for the application afterwards are therefore facilitated.

According to our demand for high quality, we put a priority on using state-of-the-art technologies in our software development. Besides our modular concept, creating software from a set of field-tested individual components, we also focus on generic user interfaces.

What means generic user interfaces?

Generic interfaces are generated automatically, according to the application, with the aid of rules and specifications. Thereby, programming errors are largely prevented. Additionally, the option exists to only reproduce certain sections of an interface. This enables Internet applications to be created very quickly, which are as user-friendly as the local PC applications.

Software development with SAP

Through various customer projects, ORISA has gained comprehensive experience with the implementation, adaptation and expansion of SAP technologies.

Further informations

Software development with Java

ORISA has a wide experience of software development using Java technologies. Complex client/server applications as well as Extensive GUI implementations (applet and application) are among our strengths.