Optimizing the sales process

Your benefits with the Product Configurator CREALIS®

  • Expert knowledge on demand
    CREALIS® is the perfect information tool for ideal customer consulting. Customer requests turn into configuration requirements which are tested for feasibility and consequences. During configuration prices, guiding texts, documents, images and videos can be displayed.
  • Availability
    CREALIS® is always available anywhere, the internet, offline or on CD-Rom.
  • Graphical User Interface
    CREALIS® offers a simple and intuitive user interface. CREALIS® can be integrated into your company's corporate design, internet presence or an e-commerce system in a very short space of time.
  • Interfaces
    CREALIS® enables simple importing and exporting of data through interfaces to all important standard applications. Connections to ERP-, CRM-, PDM-, PLM- and PPS-Systema are created by a standard interfaces
  • Multilingualism - Support - Visualization
    CREALIS® serves the configuration process with multilingual texts, support and product visualization.
  • Offer Management
    CREALIS® immediately prepares complete and reliable offers based on your configuration. Additionally, documentation and specifications can be generated and edited retrospectively.
    A connection to a CRM system enables fast order transactions.
  • No programming knowledge required
    CREALIS® offers easy maintenance and simple generation of configuration rules. Your employees can maintain the configuration knowledge themselves.

CREALIS® finds the right product for your customers.