Successful sales of complex products with the product configurator CREALIS® 3D

Create an emotional product experience during configuration with an impressive visualisation in 3D.

With the product configurator CREALIS®, a wide range of products are configured via an easy-to-use interface. The visualisation shows the current configuration status at any time and supports the sale of products that involve intensive consulting.

Your benefits with a product visualisation in 3D

  • products are spatially seen and impressively presented
  • the 3D presentation helps to identify the configuration status
  • complex relationships are better understood through visualisation
  • details are realistically and effectively highlighted
  • customers select more intuitively with high-end product visualization
  • customers are immediately convinced due to an emotional product and
    brand experience (with appropriate branding)

Technical specification of the product configurator CREALIS®3D

  • platform-independent by using open standards
  • plugin-free and installation-free
  • high-performance web application through use of innovative technologies
  • based on the browser technologies HTML5 and WebGL
  • integrated control processes for a module-oriented linking of necessary data in
  • based on all available CAD datad