Simplify your sales processes with Configure Price Quote (CPQ). From product composition to pricing to quoting - CREALIS® CPQ dramatically simplifies the sale of a variety of products.


CREALIS® CPQ optimally brings together the customer's individual requirements and the company-wide product knowledge. The generic concepts used allow for a variety of content and technical application scenarios. Guided selling or modular configurator? CREALIS® CPQ offers a configuration to match every requirement. The configurator acts as an online sales consultant, virtually taking the user by the hand and asking questions about his/her requirements and wishes. Once the customer requirement is recognized, the appropriate product or solution is presented. Alternatively, the user can also be provided with a view of the parts and options which they can select from. The so-called option, BOM or modular configurators give the user the freedom to specifically select components. The consequences, contradictions and alternatives are presented in a comprehensible way.

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Quickly determine correct prices. CREALIS® CPQ always automatically determines the correct price in the correct currency in parallel with configuration. This pricing then serves as the basis for further calculations. For example, discounts can be given and target prices entered depending on the authorizations which have been defined. The comprehensive price calculation functions support both internal sales and international sales and offer outstanding pricing flexibility.

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CREALIS® CPQ quickly delivers top quality quotes, customised both in content and design, and provides a concrete basis for the purchase decision. The quote is generated with the user directly. During configuration, dynamically generated 2D and 3D visualizations and further information such as product data sheets or technical drawings can be integrated directly into the documents.

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