Product Configuration - More than a Strategy

Nowadays, customers expect individual products under the conditions of standard products. Companies which want to remain competitive and consolidate their market position must meet these requirements and offer the customer a variety bundled with a high level of quality and service in compliance with the price level.

Configuration systems provide assistance in controlling the variety in all of the business processes. ORISA develops and sells configuration systems based on several technologies. According to the requirements of the customers, ORISA develops configuration solutions with their own product CREALIS®, based on SAP or as individual solution.

Optimizing the sales process

The sales process of complex products is more efficient than ever through the use of a product configurator. Quotations can be generated quickly and error-free according to customers’ requests. Products and options are descripted in detail in a product configurator, presented clearly and customer-oriented so that individual products can be simply generated by the sales representative or the customer. The Technical permissibility and feasibility of the product is constantly tested during the product configuration. The quotation process is significantly accelerated by the product configurator. These time and cost savings have a positive impact on the sales development.

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Transparency of expert knowledge

The knowledge of the employees as well as product-specific information in the fields of acquisition, construction, manufacturing, development, and sales are bundled and efficiently managed within a product configurator. Updates and expansions of the product data are made cross-sectoral at any time. The product configurator serves therefore as a knowledge database and creates the transparency of expert knowledge within the company.

Tapping the full potential company-wide

The full potential of the software solution is tapped by the seamless integration of the product configurator in the business processes and therewith into the existing system landscape of the company. The connection of the product configurator to a CRM- system provides current customer data and information on the distribution project. The connection to an ERP-system enables the usage of detailed and current order data in the configuration process. Furthermore, the ERP-system will provide the necessary article master data which are the base of the configuration process. Via an interface to a CAD-system, the configuration solution can be displayed in 3D. A product configurator can be integrated in several scenarios of a company and helps to minimize the order cycle time and optimization of business processes.