Optimizing the sales process


Product Data Management

CREALIS® serves the structured, rule and interface-based representation and utilization of the available knowledge about the product and allows an effective navigation across the product data. CREALIS® offers efficient administration functions that permit simultaneous data support by several experts.

Product Configuration

To stay ahead and to create and defend market share and customer advantages it gets more and more important to individualize the own products and services.
CREALIS® enables the configuration of multi-variant products, which fulfill the customer's requirements. During the configuration, the product range remains consistent and manageable. The combination of the parts for finished products is determined by rules, dependencies and properties. Any consequences, contradictions and alternatives are displayed in a comprehensible manner.
The configuration result consists out of the ready to order product with all characteristics and components. The configurated product can be visualized and enables the graphic navigation and interactive configuration.

Product Presentation

CREALIS® presents the products and all their combinations and organizational possibilities in a technically efficient format and with the correct prices. The proposal documents that are prepared in this process can be expanded with information from CAD, CRM and calculations.
The configuration result is the base for the production process. It can be also used in a CRM-System as well as in a ERP-System for further order processes.