CREALIS® - Pricing

Precise price calculation using price types, price scales and pricing rules

The price calculation functions support both internal sales and international sales and offer outstanding pricing flexibility. The prices for products with customer-specific configuration are calculated in CREALIS® using freely definable price lists, price scales and pricing rules. They can be different for each business role, such as account manager, direct sales, or external dealer, depending on the sales region and access right. The display of different currencies guarantees the international use of the configurator. Discounts or target prices may be set during configuration at individual locations and in the overall configuration.

Effective maintenance
  • Prices are maintained in CREALIS® PDM and supported by automated imports from third-party systems (e.g. ERP).
  • Prices, consistent with the defined price lists, are stored for items, packages and simple values.
  • Price lists are currency-related and can be stored on a market-specific basis.
  • Global price adjustments, such as annual price increases, are conveniently supported.
  • Articles can be combined into packages with individual package prices..
  • Pricing rules for global and local price modification are also defined in the CREALIS® PDM
  • Switches, such as discountable and calculable, can be set individually for each article.
Individual pricing structure
  • Price calculation always determines the correct total price in the correct currency in parallel with configuration.
  • The price display is roll-specific and the configuration, the result and the documents are customized.
  • If you choose individual package items, package selection is recommended.
  • Role-based allocations of the price lists ensures that the right prices are viewed.
  • Authorizations for entering discounts and target prices both in the overall configuration and the individual result items as well as rebate limits are controlled on a roll-specific basis.
  • Graduated prices on items allow volume-based pricing.
  • Price calculation can be designed as a markup calculation for distributors and external dealers.
  • Prices can be converted directly between different currencies during configuration.
  • Rental or leasing pricing models can also be mapped.

Technical features
Continuous import of price lists from SAP via IDocs and generally via Excel lists
Derivation of all prices in result Excel or XML for further processing in third-party systems